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This page has the events that happened in Toontown Rewritten during the year of 2014. It will be updated as the year progresses.








ToonTasks Galore? Resets no more!

Posted by Mary's Go Around Travel Company on July 26, 2014 02:00 PM

Ever wanted to do a ToonTask, but worried about the rumors of the Toon Council revoking tasks once all Toons are able to head into town? Worried about having to re-earn your Teleport Access to the many areas of Toontown? Fear no more, you Toontastic Travelers!
A while back when Toons could only enter Toontown through keys, the Toon Council decided that ToonTasks would be revoked once Toons from everywhere could enter to keep this Sillyness fair to everyone. Now that the PlayLine has been introduced, however, opinions have changed. Sir Max ran all around our community these past few days to gather opinions on it, and the Toon Council has sent me to tell you their decision:
Once the game is released to the public, there will be no Laff, ToonTask, or Teleportation resets of any kind. Your Toons now are your Toons forever! We know that you all love your Laff and don't want to lose it, and now you won't have to. Toons who want to participate in the Max Laff Race (Which you'll hear about later on!) will start off with a completely new Toon once we're completely open to the public. Let the Sillyness live on!
Enough of the Sillyness, though -- you know, I have said that word quite a few times in this post. Sorry about that! I'm not the best writer, but it isn't a typo: it's just a habit. See, Doctor Surlee told me a long time ago to remember that word for him in case he ever needed it. To keep it in my mind, I just got into the habit of saying it often so that I wouldn't forget. Just a little quirk of mine!
Anyhoo, I better be off to arrange some more Teleportation papers. Don't forget to stop by and say Howdy sometime!
July 22, 2014 [ttr-beta-v1.3.9]
• Add a sanity check to keep track of Districts in case of freezing 
• Improve Cog path-finding algorithm to be more efficient 
• Major all-around code cleanup 
• Raise the max amount of experience points per battle to 300 (Previously 200)
July 26, 2014 [ttr-beta-v1.3.10]
• Add SSL support between the client and server connection 
• Fix a memory leak in the database server 
• Various stability and performance improvements 
• Fix a district reset relating to an unimplemented feature. 
• Implement a task to check if a Toon is "ghosting", which creates issues when a Toon disconnects uncleanly. This is a preemptive measure until the main issue is fixed. 
• Howdy!

The Sound of a Lack of Sound

Posted by Sir Max on July 31, 2014 02:00 PM

It's quiet. Not even too quiet, but a very peaceful quiet. The kind of quiet where you can hear the flap of one of those terrifying butterflies. Hang on -- do you hear that? It's the sound of a lack of sound, a sound so full of sound that it is in fact none at all. The sound of...
OH, good! The keys are here! Don't mind the loud noise, it's just the shipment of 500 new keys that I asked Fat McStink to haul over.
That silence certainly was worrying me there for a minute! Luckily, in addition to the keys, I made sure to bring my heavy-duty construction tools, a bunch of metal spoons to stick into a blender, and some cat friends of mine to scrape across Toon HQ's blackboard! We'll be hearing plenty of noise with the construction of the new Toon Hall, Clarabelle's furniture, tools for our big upcoming mission... But why stop there? A noise ordinance is no match for--
Alright, so apparently a noise ordinance is a match for me, and I've broken quite a few of them over the past 2 minutes and 13 seconds. Hey, what can you do? These keys aren't going to deliver themselves, after all. (That's your job!) Those projects that I mentioned aren't going to build themselves either, and that job happens to be my own.
It's been quiet this week, but we're hard at work behind the scenes over here at Toontown. Keep those eyes peeled, and in the meantime, here are a few frequently-requested updates to keep you Toons patient. Good luck on grabbing those keys!
July 31, 2014 [ttr-beta-v1.3.11]
• Raise district population limits
• Fix butterflies and the giant flower not appearing in Daisy Gardens
• Clothing Tickets can now be properly redeemed at a Tailor in addition to buying with Jellybeans
• Fix a bug introduced in the last update which would falsely report that someone has logged onto your account
• Using "Shuffle Colors" in the Make-a-Toon will now shuffle all body colors, rather than a single solid color
• Toon HQ has been stocked up with 500 new Beta Key ToonTasks!
• You can now view when a friend was last online using the Toon Detail Panel


Quadruple Access Weekend...?

Posted by Fat McStink on August 6, 2014 02:00 PM

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single Toon in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a key. However, little known the feelings or views of a such a Toon on the subject of the PlayLine, which is considered to be the rightful play time for the majority of Toons...
Hi guys! I was just practicing an excerpt from my new play: Pride and PlayTimes. The story of a Toon who comes across not only 500 additional keys, but as well as the mighty struggle of -- not double, not triple -- but QUADRUPLE Access Weekend with double the slots and double the time!
You know, I don't remember writing that in the script... In fact, this isn't my handwriting, and I'm pretty sure I didn't write a part about Sir Max coming in and becoming the hero of Toontown. Oh well, the script says so! It goes on to say that on Friday, August 8th at 2:00PM Toontown Time, PlayTime and PlayLine slots will be doubled (Adding an astounding record of 80 new slots!), and the session limit will raised once again to 6 hours for the weekend. Riveting!
It may not be as much as of a hit as my previous play, Doglet, Prince of Dogmark, but based on the popularity of Double Access Weekend and the 3,000 Toons currently waiting in the PlayLine, I'm betting that this is going to be a smash! (And hopefully, not a crash.)
I'm off to practice for the big performance. See you there!
August 6, 2014 [ttr-beta-v1.3.16]
• Whitelist and moderation update
• Put an end to a major reoccurring issue where Toons would create "ghosts" when disconnecting uncleanly
• Resize the reward screen to fit all elements
• Fix typos in Toontown Central's task line
• Improve reward screen experience length
• Make Beta Key ToonTasks more common
• Clean up the PlayLine and fix an issue causing occasional line resets

The Art of Acting

Posted by Sir Max on August 10, 2014 02:00 PM

Annnnddddddd SCENE! That's a wrap, everyone. Great job. Excellent job with the -- you know, "acting." Ahaha, acting. The art of charades. Which is what we've been doing. The crowd is loving it!
Good, he's gone. Listen fellas, what if I told you that we aren't actually in a play called "Pride and PlayTimes"? And what if I told you that I in fact took Fat McStink's script and completely rewrote it to sneak hundreds of you into Toontown? Shocking -- I know. I would never do such a thing! However, here comes the plot twist: I did!
Here we are at the climax of the film, however, where our beloved heroes fall as Quadruple Access Weekend ends. Will they ever be able to scour back into the streets of the town? Who will ever save Toontown from these wretched Cogs? Will Vidalia VaVoom and Snooty Sinjin ever finish the story arc known as the power of love? And alas, all hope seems to be lost...
Until Sir Max comes in and becomes the HERO of TOONTOWN!
Aha! I bet you forgot about that part of the play, didn't you? Good news, everyone: As rightful hero of this here play, I'm here to announce that I have saved the day by allowing Quadruple Access Weekend to continue. Forever. (Well, at least until the public launch.)
That's right folks. The 6 hour sessions and doubled slot limits are sticking around, and it's now easier than ever to get into Toontown. My heart goes out to those of you who stuck with us during those 300 hour PlayLine waits, but no longer will you need to be leaving your computer on overnight to get in game. The average PlayLine wait time seems to be somewhere around 3 hours, and you'll get to enjoy the game twice as long by continuing to play with your Quadrupled Access.
This is where our play ends -- or rather, continues -- but I'm off now to rewrite another one of McStink's plays about Duodecuple[1] Access Weekend. It's going to be great! Oh, and by the way: If any of you new Toons are looking for a job around town, I've heard that Clarabelle Cow is going to be needing a lot of deliveries this week.

Home on the Change

Posted by Sir Max on August 12, 2014 02:00 PM

Remember that big housing project that us Toon Troopers started a few months ago? Ah, that was fun. The back-breaking manual labor, the countless bottles of glue, the lack of water-proof furniture... Those were good times. We ran into a few problems though, between the Cog Invasions and the fact that there are a lot, lot, lot, LOT more of you than there were in January. That didn't stop us, though!
Let's be frank, here: Our houses are unacceptable! Bland furniture, white walls, tile flooring, it just doesn't work. We needed to clean up our houses, and we needed to do it quick. Luckily, us Toon Troopers snuck into every single one of your houses last night, peeled off the wallpaper, scraped up the floorboards, dismantled the furniture, and completely redesigned it. You can pretty much call us the Santa Claus of interior design! We're kind of a big deal.
Woah, woah! Hang on. Put the private property permits and restraining orders away (Hi Becky!) -- our intentions were strictly good. Look, we even installed some pretty nifty new things for you: A Jellybean Bank, a Wardrobe, and a state-of-the-art Crank-Phone!
You know, I could stick around and tell you all about your new house, but I think it's better for you to give Clarabelle a call yourself. Besides, I hear some sirens outside and I'm pretty sure I might have burned the wrong restraining order.
See you soon, everyone! Or in a few years. Depends on if my escape route works.
August 12, 2014 [ttr-beta-v1.4.0]
• Major code cleanup for estates.
• Add a few sanity checks to prevent Toon DNA exploiting.
• Mailboxes no longer spawn in front of vacant houses.
• Furniture items can now be properly deleted
• Jellybean Banks can now hold 15,000 Jellybeans.
• Clarabelle now has her own studio, rather than a grey area.
• Clarabelle Cow can speak! We've given Clarabelle some new voice recordings, courtesy of Jacob Eiseman.
• Estates have been redesigned! You'll find an all-new layout upon entering your home.
• Bean Banks and Wardrobes are in stock! Any clothes or beans that you have saved up will already be in there, free of charge.
• Toons can now buy different nametag fonts and custom SpeedChat phrases.
• Clarabelle has finally gotten her phone-in furniture service afoot, and has given all Toons a free phone to start it off! Give her a call to order furniture, wallpaper, clothes, and more!

Is this a Bad Time?

Posted by Sir Max on August 16, 2014 07:53 PM

Yes, it most certainly is a bad time.
They don't pay me to write blog post past 5:00PM, you know. They don't pay me at all, you know. Yet here I am at 7:53PM, writing this very post to inform you that the Telemarketers have started a Mega-Invasion.
I don't know if it's some sort of tracking beacon, or if they have a radar in their metal heads, or what -- but ever since those Telemarketers caught wind that we all have phones now, they've always called at all of the wrong times. First it was during dinner, then while I was in the bathroom, and now they've interrupted Aladdin and my "Goodbye Genie" party[2] with this madness! I am literally bawling my eyes out as I write this post. I should probably see a therapist -- but that's beside the point.
I've hung up on them, pressed "8" to remove us from the mailing list (And then "4", "7", and "13" respectively to confirm that I wanted to do this), and everything else under the moon you could think of. I'm telling you, these Telemarketers just won't stop calling! With this invasion, Toons, it's time for us to do what we do best: fill up the seltzers, grab some pies, and restock your gags. It's time to take back Toontown once again!
August 17, 2014 [ttr-beta-v1.4.1]
• Overall code cleanup.
• Fix a glitch allowing Toons to be invisible outside of their estate.
• Fix a crash when walking up to a Knock-knock Door.
• Fix an exploit allowing locked animations to be purchased.
• Prevent a server crash relating to house decoration.
• Use the proper font for Cog Boss speech.
• Correct a few typos in ToonTask dialogue and Cog speech.
• Decrease initial scale of the phone.
• Interactable items (Phone, Bean Bank, etc.) can now be placed in the attic.
• Change the default bank name to "Jellybean Bank" -- 1000 Bean Banks are no longer used as per a Disney update.
You're Invited!

Attention, Toons!

Toontown Rewritten will be opening on September 19, 2014. And you're invited.
On September 19, 2014, ALL Toons can log into Toontown and enjoy full unlimited access for free -- forever. (Or at least a pretty long time.)
Here's what you need to know:
  • On the date of opening and Toontown Rewritten's one year anniversary, the entire PlayTime system and all Beta Keys will be retired for good. Anyone will be able to log into the game whenever they like!
  • The first annual ToonFest will be held in a newly-opened area in Acorn Acres constructed specifically for the event. Toons far and wide are invited to come and celebrate all things Toontastic -- even if you don't actively play anymore!
  • Us bustas over at the Toontown Rewritten Team will be posting weekly "Backstage" posts on our website leading up to the event with some awesome stories on what we've been doing for the past year.
Be sure to keep checking up-Toon-the-minute news on all the Toontastic activities and kooky celebrations coming your way during Toontown's launch here on our website!
You proved you were Toon Enough once -- now it's time to prove that you still are.
Toons of the world, let's save our town.

This You're Invited! pop-up was at the top of just about every page of the Toontown Rewritten Website (starting on August 20, 2014). Open Beta begins on September 19, 2014.
(Official news item 186) (Wayback Machine Archive) (MCF News)

ToonFest 2014

Posted by The TTR Team on August 20, 2014 02:00 PM

One year ago today, we started development on a project that would come to be known as Toontown Rewritten. Our intentions were clear: We weren't ready to let Toontown die just yet, and neither were you. The journey to get here has been incredible, and we've accomplished so much with your help. After hours upon hours spent building it, it's finally time to open the doors of Toontown for everyone all over again.
Toons and Toonettes, it's time to talk about ToonFest!
ToonFest is the celebration of all things Toontastic for Toons far and wide, where we can all meet up and take some time off from the Cog Battles to meet new friends, play some games, and think about how far we've come to get where we are today. Whether you're a veteran player and Laff-hard gag strategist, a new Toon in town who's still learning not to use sound on lured Cogs (Toon TIP: Don't do that!), or even someone who hasn't stepped foot in town for years -- this is the perfect chance to bring on the nostalgia and celebrate another year of Toontown!
Disney hosted two ToonFests in the lifetime of Toontown, both of which took place in-game and out-of-game. We're going to have to hold off on the out-of-game event this year, but that doesn't meant that we can't make the in-game version greater than ever before. Enough with the details, though -- let's talk about what's going to happen for this next month leading up to the game's opening and the start of ToonFest on September 19, 2014!

Toontown Rewritten's Launch
In case we haven't said it enough -- Toontown Rewritten is opening to the public on September 19th to coincide with the beginning of ToonFest! Note that Toontown isn't done just yet, and we still have some features left to knock out as well as a couple of bugs to squash. (Besides -- we haven't even announced the end of Beta event!) Because of our awesome Tester Toons, however, we're ready to let you into Toontown to fight the Cogs during the final stage of Toontown Rewritten's testing: Open Beta.
Make sure to check out our Opening F.A.Q. for everything you need to know to prepare for the launch of Toontown!

Backstage Toontown
At least once per week leading up to ToonFest, we're going to be updating the blog with all sorts of exclusive information about future content, what we've been doing for the past year, and what it's like to develop Toontown.
There's some awesome things in there for everyone, so you aren't going to want to miss it!

New Items and Accessories
While we may be scrapping PlayTimes and Beta Keys, no way are we going to forget about our valiant Tester Toons! Alpha Testers, Beta Testers, and PlayTime Testers will all get special items and accessories as a thanks for sticking with us to help out this past year.
In addition to the Tester-Tees, all in-game attendants of ToonFest 2014 will get an awesome item or two for their Toon. Stick around to see the designs!

ToonFest 2014
To launch Launch Day with a bang, we'll be opening up a brand new area in Acorn Acres built specifically for ToonFest to hang out and meet new friends to take on your journey throughout Toontown! While we can't promise anything on the scale of the Toon Council Presidential Election (We're saving that for later), we will be designing a brand new area for some fun activities and events, as well as the chance to get to hang out with us team members who helped create Toontown Rewritten!
ToonFest will last all weekend until Monday, September 22nd, where we'll close the doors on the new event area and wrap things up until next year.
It has been an amazing year for us here at Toontown Rewritten, and we want to send a HUGE shout-out to our amazing testers and community members who have stuck with us for so long, as well as a big welcome to all of the new Toons who are just joining us! Between our complete total of 2,000 keyed testers, 150,000 Registered accounts, and 375,000 scheduled PlayTimes, we can say without any doubt that you Toons have blown away all expectations that we could ever hope for.

It's been one long year -- no doubt about that -- and it's finally all going to be worth it. Toontown needs your help once again. There's only one question we have left:
Are YOU Toon Enough?



  1. "Duodecuple" means twelvefold.
  2. "Goodbye Genie" is a reference to Robin Williams, the actor and comedian who voice acted for Genie in Aladdin, an animated Disney movie.
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